Our API allows game-devs to connect their game with our app..

There isn’t an industry out there that Blockchain technology pairs better with than gaming. From contest rewards and tournament tracking to utilizing NFT tech for in-game items – there isn’t a better pairing out there, than blockchain and gaming.

The sheer scale of possibility, is astronomical.

Gaming is one of the largest industries in the world, with over 1/3 of the world playing some form of video game, yet, only a tiny fraction of the industry is currently taking advantage of blockchain in their builds to deliver tangible real-world value to their player-base. That’s going to change, and it isn’t a matter of if, but when.

Which is why we’ve built an API for game-devs who want to offer their own in-game points to players – much like our Bananas in the Kingdom – that will update, reflect and be spendable in that players Banana Kingdom account. No blockchain coding-skills required. (If interested, and you’re building out a game, or have an existing game, please message Caesar in the Banana Kingdom)

We thought we’d help kick this revolution into gear –

Blockchain in gaming (today) is one of, if not the most underutilized technology in gaming right now, but, there’s another undercard in the gaming industry: eSports, and Gaming Teams. They take a backseat to single player game-action – but – that’s rapidly changing – and institutional investors are only just beginning to grasp the insane potential eSports has, to rival traditional sports.

The worlds wealthiest are launching teams, and public schools have begun to host their own official eSports Teams alongside traditional school-sports programs.

It’s only a matter of time before eSports go head to head with traditional sports for mainstream dominance – particularly with the rise of both virtual and augmented reality tech (VR & AR).

So – when the shift is in full swing – as it will be soon – and the astronomical potential of blockchain and eSPorts lights a fire that tears through the gaming industry here on earth – we’ll be waiting for you – on the moon.